Tribute to Tim Magee

On a sombre note, the EGM paid tribute to Tim Magee, vice-chair of the Land Transportation Subcommittee.

The news this summer of Tim Magee’s sudden death shocked and saddened his colleagues and friends in the IOGP community. Tim was a very active member of the Subcommittee; it was his proposal that IOGP Members should commit to 5-star NCAP rated light vehicles. IOGP’s Safety Director, Chris Hawkes, reflected that “Tim would be immensely pleased to see the number of companies that believed in his vision – their commitment is saving lives today”. Tim first entered the IOGP community through the Geomatics committee in the 1990s, when he was instrumental in facilitating the incorporation of EPSG within IOGP. Richard Wylde, past Geomatics Committee Chair, recalled that Tim “was larger than life, great at keeping the Committee on track yet always ready to lead everyone astray once the work was done! A keen hunter (probably stemming from his army days), he had a keen eye for the best non-vegetarian restaurants.”

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