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In mid-July, some 650 students from around the world converged in central London with the aim of ‘breaking  barriers’.

They weren’t demonstrating. They were convening as attendees of the 2019 International Student Energy Summit (SES19). Its mission: “to spearhead the energy transition towards a more sustainable and equitable future.” IOGP was there as well, as both a supporter and a participant, as were several IOGP Member Companies and Organizations.

Student Energy is an interdisciplinary organization created for students by students from 98 countries. Plenary events were  at the Royal Geographic Society and breakout sessions were at Imperial College.

Lloyd Slater (second left) contesting the “Big Oil” misnomer

Over the course of four days, delegates participated in dialogues with more than 50 speakers drawn from academia, and the policy arena and industry. Among them was Lloyd Slater from IOGP communications team. Speaking on a panel called ‘Moving forwards: How are the actions of Big Oil influencing the energy industry?’, he began by questioning the concept of ‘Big Oil’. It was, he said “an anachronism”, given the involvement of so many of the Association’s Member Companies in natural gas, renewables and alternatives. Moreover, he added, the upstream oil and gas industry is a leader the carbon capture and utilization and storage (CCUS) technology that would increasingly make the use of oil and gas consistent with climate change targets. “Oil and gas will be part of our sustainable energy future” he said.

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