Confirmed Appointment of Graham Henley as CEO of IOGP

Dear Members,

Kim McHugh, IOGP Chair
Kim McHugh, Chair of the Board, IOGP

It is my great pleasure to confirm the appointment of Graham Henley as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IOGP, following his stepping in to lead the Association as interim CEO in September last year.

As the Chair of the Board, I am proud to share that the decision to confirm Graham’s appointment was unanimous. We are confident that under Graham’s leadership, IOGP will continue to thrive and deliver new value for our industry. His vision, dedication, and expertise are assets that will undoubtedly propel our organization to greater heights.

We are all looking forward to continuing to work closely with Graham and supporting him in his role.

Please join me in welcoming Graham Henley as our CEO.

Warm regards,

Kim McHugh
Chair of the Board, IOGP

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