IOGP reaches Twitter milestone

IOGP has hit an all-time high of 24,500 followers on Twitter, a ten-fold increase since the Association launched ‘The Case for oil and gas’ project to promote the social and economic benefits of our members’ products.

One of the project’s aims was to produce a constant and regular flow of news and stories on social media.

“We use Twitter to build a base of followers around the globe. This creates awareness of our work and highlights the benefits of oil and gas,” says Olaf Martins, IOGP’s Global Engagement Manager, who leads the project.

“From an initial follower count of 2,400 in 2016, our follower numbers began to rise significantly as we started promoting ‘Numbers of the Week’ and opinion pieces on the benefits of oil and gas. It’s a most cost-effective way to get our messages across.”

Visit to read IOGP’s updates, and, if you are registered with Twitter, follow the Association to receive its updates in your feed.

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