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20 years old, IOGP database maintains vital role as environmental performance benchmark

For twenty years, IOGP has collected and published environmental data from its Member Companies. The latest edition, IOGP Report 2020e – Environmental performance indicators – 2020 data, and an executive summary, are available to download from IOGP’s publications library.

The ultimate aim of this effort is to provide a representative statement on the environmental performance of the contributing IOGP Member Companies. The database also provides a basis for individual Member Companies to compare their environmental performance, thereby helping them to identify areas for improvement as well demonstrating the industry’s wish for greater transparency concerning its activities.

Information is aggregated at both global and regional levels and is expressed within the following environmental indicator categories:

  • gaseous emissions
  • energy consumption
  • flaring
  • produced water discharges
  • non-aqueous drilling fluids retained on cuttings discharged to sea
  • oil and chemical spills
  • fresh water withdrawn for use

In 2019, an Online data portal was launched at The content on the website is the same as is published in the annual Environmental Performance Indicators reports but it has some additional features.

  • The online analysis can be filtered by year.
  • Graphs are interactive and data tables can be sorted, filtered and downloaded to Excel.
  • The glossary of terms is searchable and filterable, and can be downloaded to Excel.
  • Formatted pdf reports, the Executive Summary and the user guide are available to download.

With the online data portal, the process of producing the analyses is vastly simplified, and after validation checks have been carried out the results are generated and published almost instantly.

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