Engineering Directorate highlights for Q1

IOGP’s Engineering Directorate comprises four Committees: Digital Transformation, Geomatics, Standards, and Subsea. As the first Quarter comes to a close, these Committees are already setting a brisk pace in progressing strategic priorities for 2024.

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The Directorate can share the following key highlights:

  • With CCS playing a key role in the energy transition, a Subsea CCS design guidance was published with inputs from stakeholders including regulators
  • Geomatics Committee published two P Format specifications for the exchange of the navigation and position data from a geophysical survey
  • Members feedback indicates active utilization of IOGP Report 663 on Flexible Pipes under hydrate plug load published in December 2023
  • Alignment with key stakeholders on developing methane standards for upstream oil and gas industry through ISO TC67

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