Welcome Iman – Thank you Gordon!

On 1 December IOGP welcomed Iman Hill as its new Executive Director. She is succeeding Gordon Ballard, who will step down at the end of the year, following his five-year tenure.

“I’m honoured and excited to lead IOGP,” says Iman. “Its Members are active around the globe, producing the oil and gas the world needs, safely, whilst at the same time playing a key role in mitigating emissions and achieving the Paris Agreement goals.

“These are extraordinary times for our industry, but I firmly believe that we have the  right values, mindset and the right people not only to get through the current crisis but to strengthen our role in the future energy landscape. Innovation and digitalization will be key enablers to achieve this, and IOGP will continue to drive and support these developments.”

“We are fortunate to have someone of Iman’s calibre to take over the leadership of the Association. Her outstanding expertise and energy will help to further strengthen and evolve our industry’s profile in a lower carbon future,” said Fawaz Bitar, IOGP Chair.

“I would also like to thank Gordon Ballard, who led the Association from 2015. Not only did Gordon raise the global stature and outreach of IOGP, he also executed – among others – the Life Saving Rules and the Joint Industry Project (JIP33) on Standardization of Equipment Specifications for Procurement. But what is probably most impressive, is Gordon’s success in bringing members together. We have reached a new level of collaboration during his tenure, particularly during the pandemic. On behalf of IOGP’s Members I would like to thank Gordon for his remarkable achievements and for his commitment and passion for our industry.”

Pulse also asked other industry leaders to comment on Gordon’s tenure:

Robert Limb, Chief Executive and Director, Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL): “For the past four years I have worked closely with Gordon to ensure that we, as an industry, provide a consistent message to all stakeholders and particularly regulators in the area of oil spill preparedness and response.  Since December 2016, Gordon has served on the OSRL Board of Directors and has been instrumental in ensuring the adoption of a robust approach to assurance with subsea capping and other response services. Under Gordon’s leadership, IOGP has published several guidance documents on subsea preparedness and response, setting out the industry standards in this area.  I am pleased to report that Iman Hill has agreed to join the OSRL Board of Directors which will ensure the continuation of Gordon’s legacy while promoting further cooperation between our two organizations.”

Brian Sullivan, Executive Director of IPIECA, adds: “Throughout Gordon’s tenure, IPIECA and IOGP have worked together to leverage our respective and distinct strengths through collaboration on guidance and coordination on programmes to maintain complementarity. Under Gordon’s leadership, IOGP has raised the bar on industry collaboration within the E&P sector, particularly in the areas of safety and engineering. We wish him well for the future.”

“Gordon’s skills and personality ensured his tenure as IOGP Executive Director had significant impact on the industry at a very challenging time in our history – his courage, clarity, and sure hand have ensured IOGP has grown in strength, relevance, and Membership, and our discipline in SPE has benefited from Gordon’s leadership” says Johana Dunlop, SPE HSE & Sustainability Technical Director, 2017-2020.

“I’m incredibly thankful for my time with the Association. It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey and I particularly enjoyed working with such a qualified and diverse team. Iman is a great leader and brings all it needs to take IOGP’s work to the next level. I am delighted to be handing over the reins to such an exceptional industry colleague,” says Gordon Ballard.

Although Gordon is going to step down at the end of the year, IOGP will make sure that there will be a proper farewell, as soon as circumstances allow. “We won’t let him go without one,” Iman confirms.

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