IOGP identifies potential causal factors in personal safety incidents

Insights from IOGP’s Safety Committee indicate lingering effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, increased industry activity, and geopolitical instability as potential causal factors for key safety indicators for our industry moving in the wrong direction.

In response to these observations and to provide timely feedback and analysis, the committee undertook a survey and review of safety events in 2022, to determine any common trends and possible actions.

2022 safety trends and responses outlines the results of that review and highlights potential short term action areas for the attention of individual IOGP Members and the industry at large.

To help address this situation, it recommends:

  • An enhanced and deliberate focus on activities with potential to cause permanent impairment injuries or fatalities
  • Creating safety awareness in the moment, at the point of risk
  • Building the safety capacity of the workforce
  • Contractor engagement

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