BP’s Marcin Nazaruk wins 2018 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award

As part of the SPE Conference opening plenary, IOGP Executive Director Gordon Ballard (who also served on the meeting’s Executive Committee) announced this year’s winner of the IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award (OYPA), recognizing HSSE-SR achievements.

Jack Hinton of GE’s Baker Hughes (Co-Chair of the Conference’s Programme Committee and a member of IOGP’s Management Committee) introduced the finalists.

IOGP launched the award in 2015 (in association with SPE) for presentation at the 2016 Conference in Stavanger. The aim then – and subsequently – was to inspire the next generation of leaders in the upstream industry. It highlights the achievements of a professional with fewer than 10 years of E&P experience who has demonstrated outstanding talent, dedication and leadership in HSSE-SR.

This year’s winner in Abu Dhabi was BP’s Marcin Nazuruk, who is the company’s Upstream Human Performance Lead Advisor.

In that role, he supports a range of global initiatives that aim to integrate human factors with risk management processes.

In accepting the award, Marcin acknowledged that it is “testimony to the years of support I’ve received from colleagues, managers and mentors throughout my career, as well as being a great motivator to take and apply my learnings further.”

He went on to stress that “Safety is fundamental, and it’s important to work with all parties including leaders, employees and contractor partners in bringing a ‘human performance’ approach to life. By recognizing that people make mistakes and looking at the underlying conditions and systems that contribute to causing them, we can better design plants and processes to help mitigate and manage these risks.”

Commenting on the award, Gordon said:

“Marcin’s work is exactly the type of innovative approach and out-of-the-box thinking that our sector needs to take risk management to the next level – it’s a welldeserved win.”

Gordon then announced a departure from the original award scheme. “While Marcin was clearly our Outstanding Young Professional for 2018, the judges were also vastly impressed by another candidate, Natasha Sihota of Chevron. Therefore, they decided to award her an OYPA honourable mention.”

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