IOGP ’s Warsaw meeting: focus on four key issues

Management Committee Chair Fuzzy Bitar welcomed representatives from 14 countries across four continents for IOGP’s EGM in Warsaw on 14-15 November. Fuzzy pointed out that timing for the Association’s second get-together in Poland’s capital was a bonus, since it coincided with the nation’s centenary celebration of its independence.

In an upbeat opening, he reminded participants how continuing implementation of the Association’s strategy has helped to make IOGP more effective in terms of achievements and delivery. In particular, he cited the widening application of the Life-Saving Rules and Joint Industry Project (JIP) 33 on standardization in procurement as prime examples.

“Increasingly, IOGP is being recognized as an organization that makes things happen,” he said, going on to emphasize recent successes in working with others including IPIECA on oil spills, the International Regulators’ Forum and API.

Fuzzy went on to applaud the Association’s core committee work and the tasks undertaken by joint industry projects.

Remarking on the UN’s COP24 conference on climate change – also in Poland – he noted that, for the first time, IOGP would be involved with full observer status. “I think that says a great deal about how the successful implementation of our strategy has raised IOGP’s standing within our industry and beyond. That’s consistent with our role as the ‘voice of the upstream industry’. Increasingly, it’s a voice that the world is listening to,” he concluded.

IOGP Executive Director Gordon Ballard introduced the four panel discussions that proved to be a popular EGM innovation. These covered:

1) Getting the most out of standardization2) Outreach and implementation: working with regulators and promoting IOGP productsOutreach and implementation3) Learning lessons from shared industry data

Learning lessons from shared industry data4) Climate change: IOGP’s role in mitigation and adaptationClimate change: IOGP’s role in mitigation and adaptationOther EGM highlights included presentations from PGNiG, the host company. Marek Woszczyk, PGNiG’s General Manager in Norway, spoke about the successes and challenges in achieving diversification of Polish gas supplies to meet the country’s growing demand.
Krzysztof Kaczmarczy, PGNiG’s Director of Geology in the company’s Geology and Hydrocarbon Branch, focused on the potential of Poland’s unconventional gas resources.
As usual, the autumn EGM also included votes on resolutions covering the following year’s cost of unit account, the EU supplement and the overall budget. Member representatives voted to approve all three resolutions.

Marek Woszczyk, PGNiG’s General Manager in Norway

The Stage is set

Court theatre

As ever, IOGP’s EGM was serious work. But as usual, there were also delightful distractions. Host company PGNiG generously organized an evening at one of Warsaw’s most splendid royal palaces. A Court Theatre piano recital devoted the works of Chopin and Padarewski preceded dinner in the newly-restored 18th century Orangery.

Walter Jardine retires as Geomatics Chair

Walter Jardine retires
Fuzzy Bitar congratulates Walter Jardine (left)

Retiring Geomatics Committee Chair Walter Jardine received a commemorative IOGP obelisk from Gordon Ballard to mark his four years of service. “Geomatics is one of the most complex – and crucial – aspects of upstream technology, “Gordon said, and Walter is one of the industry’s leading Geomatics figures. Under his direction, our Committee has become more influential and widely respected than ever before.” Walter will continue to represent BP on the Committee, serving under Sigrid Matthes as Chair.

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