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Three Sound and Marine Life Members to retire after years of service

The dedication and commitment of industry experts makes the work of IOGP and its Joint Industry Programmes possible. So, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to three long-time members of the E&P Sound & Marine Life (JIP 22) programme.  All three represented ExxonMobil and played major roles in the success of this project.

Mike Jenkerson was an active JIP Member for over 15 years. He participated in numerous Project Support Groups and helped lead the JIP to successes in air gun measurements, standardization of source measurements, and improvements in air gun and acoustic propagation.

Linda Zimmerman, who participated in the JIP for ten years and chaired the Sound and Marine Life Subcommittee for seven years, provided scientific advice to projects such as masking and behavioural responses of mammals and fish.

Gary Isaksen served as Executive Committee Chair of Phase 3 of JIP 22 for four years. He played an instrumental role in the JIP’s Communications Committee, raising the profile of both the JIP itself and its work products.

“I recognise the instrumental role they have played in the JIP over many years and are very grateful for their support and guidance. All of them will leave lasting marks. We wish them and their families the best of luck in the future”, says Wendy Brown, IOGP Environment Director.


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