Thank you for the feedback!

Following an online survey in early 2020, we launched our monthly newsletter Pulse. One year later we asked for feedback.

The survey, to which many of you responded, presented us with some clear answers: Some 60% of our readers are from the petroleum industry, but only 15% are Members of an IOGP Committee.

We have readers from around the world, some 60% from Europe and North America. 90% read Pulse regularly, with 65% reading every edition.

Safety and Environment remain the key areas of interest, closely followed by Health and International Standards.

Over 90% of the respondents believe that Pulse should continue to be published on a monthly basis. Our readers enjoy the variety of topics, the interviews and project updates.

Suggestions how to improve the newsletter include announcement of upcoming webinars and other events and more focus on the work being done in the area of energy transitions. Thanks to everyone who took the time for the survey. We will address as much of the feedback as possible.

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