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Leadership changes at Wells Expert Committee

2019 was a busy year for the Wells Expert Committee (WEC), whose mission remains to collectively prevent and mitigate the effect of high-impact well control events. It has achieved increased clarity on data, active sharing amongst members, structural improvements in competency requirements, and its members have high confidence in their ability to deal with any subsea release situation. It has also increased collaboration with regulators and commenced a series of local workshops on particularly challenging topics.

As some of the WEC leadership moves on to new things, we welcome the new leaders who have volunteered to add to this legacy with tangible next steps.

  • Jason Gahr, ExxonMobil, has stepped down as chair and is replaced by Paul Forman, bp.
  • Chris Bellows stepped down as chair of the Well Control Incident Subcommittee and is replaced by Andrew Parkinson, Shell.
  • Martha Jones, Schlumberger stepped down as Chair of the Wells Competency & Training Subcommittee and is replaced by David Lobdell, bp.
  • Patrick Brenan, Kosmos Energy stepped down as chair of the Subsea Well Response and Source Control Subcommittee and is replaced by Scott Nash, Chevron.
  • Tore Kristiansen, Equinor stepped down as Standards Liaison and is replaced by Jonathan Harker, bp.

“We thank the outgoing members for their leadership, their significant contributions, the insights we learned and the fun we had,” said Olav Skar, IOGP Safety Director.

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