Regulators engage with IOGP

The International Offshore Petroleum Environmental Regulators (IOPER) invited IOGP to participate in its AGM in Washington, DC on 29 October.

The event attracted environment regulators from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, together with two invited observers from Israel and Guyana. Attending on behalf of IOGP were Pat Brennan of Kosmos, who is Chair of the Association’s Subsea Well Response and Source Control Subcommittee (SWRSC), Benton Arnett, member of the Sound and Marine Life Subcommittee and Environment Director
Wendy Brown.

Wendy Brown

As Wendy recounts, “Our involvement was a welcome opportunity to engage with IOPER and share with them what industry is doing and seek feedback on certain topics. At their request, we gave updates on Marine Sound, the new JIP34 on Environment Genomics and key Environment Committee deliverables. Pat also provided an update on the activities of the SWRSC including progress of the Resource Time Model being developed as follow-up to the May 2019 source control workshop and our perspective on the role of regulators in oil spill exercises and planning.

Our work was well received and there was good discussion on emerging concerns. We hope our October visit laid the groundwork for future engagement with IOPER.”

For more details, visit http://www.ioper.org/events/

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