IOGP moves closer to the heart of the EU

After years at the end of the Metro line in Brussels, IOGP moved on 29 March to the city centre in the area known as Montgomery.

This borders the Schuman Quarter, home to the European Commission. Montgomery also encompasses one of the city’s most popular green spaces, the Parc Cinquantenaire, best known for its landmark triumphal arch.

“All of us are very excited about IOGP’s new Brussels location. Being closer to both the Commission and the European Parliament (just a few Metro stops away) will make us more effective and efficient at our jobs. And it’s a real bonus that our new location is also in such a pleasant area,” says EU Affairs Director Francois-Regis Mouton.

The new address is Avenue de Tervuren 188A, B-1150 Brussels, Belgium. Telephone +32 (0)27907762.

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