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3 Questions …  on Energy Transition

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or Committee Member. This month’s interview is with Concetto Fischetti, IOGP’s recently appointed Energy Transition Director.

  1. What attracted you to the role at IOGP?

These are incredibly exciting times for our industry, and being given the opportunity to help delivering on the new strategy and guiding IOGP’s global membership through the transition to a low carbon future, is a great honour. Becoming the Association’s first Energy Transition Director comes with a lot of challenges, but with even more opportunities, and I cannot wait to work with the energized team at IOGP.

  1. What are the first steps as the Association’s Energy Transition Director?

One thing is for sure: There is no soft start into the new role. Our to-do list is getting longer every day, which is good, it shows how much emphasis the Association puts on the low carbon work. The immediate steps are to kick off the taskforces for each of the four new workstreams of the Energy Transition Directorate, i.e. Electrification, Energy Efficiency, Carbon Capture and Storage and Flares & Vents as well as developing a plan for a Hydrogen Framing proposal.

  1. What is your personal view on the energy transition and the role our industry is playing? 

Considering both the share that oil and gas has on energy demand and the uniqueness of our industry’s technical, financial and geopolitical strengths, I do consider a mandatory mission by our industry in leading an effective decarbonization pathway in a sustainable manner. Energy Transition encompasses a mix of traditional oil and gas operations and innovative business models on low carbon energy products that require a strong collaboration between governments and Non Governments bodies, key industrial sectors and end users to be effectively achieved in line with the climate change constraints as settled in Paris Agreement.

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