IOGP has a long history of working to improve safety in the industry.


IOGP has a long history of working to improve safety in the industry.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee works to eliminate fatalities from our industry. It enables workplace cultures in which human performance principles are embedded in the design and operation of work environments, leadership sets a tone of trust and inclusion, and the well-being of workforces is a shared imperative.

2022 highlights

  • Supporting and championing implementation of IOGP safety guidance
  • Enhancing safety data to include leading indicators and a common human factors taxonomy
  • Published IOGP Report 642 – Learning from normal work, translations of the Start Work Checks in 25 languages, and updates to our helicopter safety and risk assessment data directory series
  • Used the insights provided by our industry-leading data programme to provide a direction for safety in our industry

2023 work plan

The Safety Committee is reinforcing its efforts to encourage Member Companies to adopt its guidance. Our many Safety programmes – Life-Saving Rules (LSR) and Start Work Checks (SWC), Process Safety Fundamentals (PSF), Offshore Helicopter Recommended Practices, leadership on motor vehicle safety, and contractor management guidance – have been adopted by many and the results reflected positively in the data. We now wish to see greater levels of adoption.

We have established a new definition of fatal and permanent impairment (FPI) and will be encouraging companies use this as a primary reporting metrics in their safety data collection.

A second key way we are seeking to enhance the industry’s safety data reporting is with our human factors taxonomy project, which will enable a common language for incident analysis and reporting that reflects the latest Human Performance Principles.

We will continue to update and refine our safety guidance, notably with the update of our aviation safety series and the updates of our widely-used Risk Assessment Data Directory.


The Safety Committee works with the International Regulator’s Forum to help address the cross
industry concerns that the International Regulators’ Forum (IRF) voices through their published industry “problem statements”.


The Safety Committee collaborates with many other industry partners and regulatory bodies to advance its mission. The list of our partners includes but is not limited to API, HeliOffshore, IMCA, ADCI, OCIMF, the International Diving Forum, Building Responsibly, and the Energy Institute. Next year, we are inviting many of our partners to a ‘Human Performance Summit’ to align key trade associations behind an agreed set of principles and to communicate these principles with a unified voice.


The IOGP data reports are the most comprehensive set of safety performance data in the industry.

Our data informs the initiatives we continue to develop and progress. The IOGP data series
provides unique global insights that helps our committees and -by extension- our Members and
the industry at large, include global learnings in their improvement efforts. It is an authoritative
resource which represents an enormous amount of the world’s upstream activity.


The Safety Committee’s priority is to achieve the greatest possible Member implementation of the
following guidelines, to standardize practices and improve performance:

  • Life Saving Rules
  • Process Safety Fundamentals
  • IOGP 69- Aviation Safety series
  • Report 423 – HSSE management for working together in a contract environment
  • Report 365 – Land transportation recommended practice

Compared to data from 2008 –2017, the last three years of LSR data indicates an average 76% reduction in fatalities a year.


  • Chair: Andrew Clarke, bp
  • Vice Chairs: Tahir Azhibekov, ADNOC; Ualikhan Zhanaissov, NCCOC; Kirsty Walker, SLB
  • Director: Steve Norton

For more information, contact Committee Co-ordinator, Marinara Rosa,

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