IOGP has a long history of working to improve safety in the industry.


IOGP has a long history of working to improve safety in the industry.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee promotes the integration of safety into every aspect of exploration and production operations. It also provides the benchmarks against which to measure improving safety performance.


IOGP has been publishing safety data since 1985. Since then, there have been considerable improvements in industry performance, particularly in the Lost Time Injury frequencies (LTIF).

Though there have also been improvements in terms of fatalities in recent years, much remains to be done, particularly in the areas of land, sea and air transportation, of lifting and hoisting and of diving, geophysical and marine operations.

In addition to focusing on preventing fatal incidents, IOGP is also concerned with the prevention of low frequency major incidents. The Committee is addressing these concerns from several perspectives and published its first annual Process Safety Events data report in December 2013.

To deliver an increasingly safe operating environment against a background of a more and more sophisticated risk profile, the IOGP Safety Committee is the point of reference on safety-related matters for the global E&P industry – and those who regulate it.

In particular, IOGP’s Safety Committee aims to:

  • promote the integration of safety into the everyday business of IOGP member companies and other E&P companies, contractors and service companies
  • promote a level playing field for safety across the industry that is recognized by global regulatory authorities
    position itself as a leader on safety issues of global significance
  • provide information that can be pro-actively shared with regulators and other stakeholders with the goal of improving industry’s performance

The Safety Committee achieves this by:

  • providing practical tools and guidelines to advance safety performance
  • promoting good practices and the sharing of lessons learned
  • entering into constructive dialogues with the intergovernmental authorities that regulate the industry

The Committee works closely with other IOGP committees, National Industry Associations and industry trade associations.


The Safety Committee has the following subcommittees and Task Forces

  • Aviation Subcommittee
  • Diving Operations Subcommittee
  • Geophysical Subcommittee
  • Human Factors Subcommittee)
  • Land Transportation Subcommittee
  • Process Safety Subcommittee
  • Safety Data Subcommittee
  • Learning to Prevent Incidents Task Force
  • Life-Saving Rules Task Force
  • Managing HSE in a Contract Environment Task Force
  • Process Safety Fundamentals Task Force
  • Risk Assessment Data Directory Task Force
  • Fabrication Site – Construction Safety Practices Network


  • Chair: Tony Cramp, Shell.
  • Vice Chairs: Eric Roth, INPEX; Andrew Clarke, bp; Kirsty Walker, Schlumberger
  • Director: Olav Skår

For more information, contact Committee Co-ordinator, Marinara Rosa,

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