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Safety Leadership in Practice: A Guide for Managers


This report is designed to support senior and/or middle management and supervisors in applying the Safety Leadership Characteristics described in Report 452 and creating a workplace culture that values safety.

Process safety – recommended practice on key performance indicators


This report provides guidance on identifying leading and lagging process safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Life-Saving Rules


With the revision of Report 459, IOGP launches a simplified set of Life-Saving Rules to provide workers in the industry with the actions they can take to protect themselves and their colleagues from fatalities.

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Environmental management in the upstream oil and gas industry


This Report provides a detailed overview of environmental management practices in the upstream oil and gas industry. The primary focus is on managing the risk from potential impacts to the natural environment during exploration and production of oil and gas.

IOGP 437 Sustainability reporting guidance

Sustainability reporting guidance for the oil and gas industry


The  Sustainability reporting guidance for the oil and gas industry is a key tool to help companies shape the structure and content of their sustainability reporting.

Introducing JIP33: Standardizing procurement specifications

JIP33 is making a step-change improvement in the specification, procurement and delivery of equipment for the oil and gas industry, through the use of standardized industry procurement specifications.

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Ipieca-IOGP Compendium of energy and GHG efficient technologies and practices


Updated Ipieca and IOGP compendium of energy and GHG efficient technologies and practices.

Medical emergency response and primary healthcare guideline


This document provides guidance for business leaders, HSE professionals, and health practitioners on the business case for outcome-focused and cost-effective Medical Emergency Response (MER) and Primary Healthcare in the energy industries. Specific oil and gas-related risks and strategies are addressed alongside more broadly applicable guidance. This document identifies strategies for engaging external organizations that can

Guidelines for delivery and use of the Land Survey Data Model


Topographic and other features mapped during land surveys in oil and gas exploration and production are currently collected in a variety of CAD, GIS, ASCII and other file types and formats. This leads to difficulties in management of the survey data, including integration of such data within corporate databases and data management systems, and in

Review of subsea well response capability


This Report provides an overview of the international oil and gas industry’s ability to respond to a subsea loss of well containment with a focus on the well construction phase. The Report makes a series of recommendations for further improvements in both, existing capability, and evolutions on the field of source control. This Report excludes

Decommissioning workshop on comparative assessment processes


In September 2022, the IOGP Decommissioning Committee held a workshop on CA to discuss the perception of bias, agree upon guiding principles for a genuine CA, and explore developments and good practices in the five common criteria of CA. This document presents a high-level summary and interpretation of what was discussed.

JIP33 Quality Requirements Specification Implementation Guide


This document describes how to use the IOGP JIP33 Quality Requirement Specification (QRS) document. This document provides guidance to all functions specifying, purchasing, and manufacturing equipment within operators, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors, and suppliers in the petroleum and natural gas industries.