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Safety Leadership in Practice: A Guide for Managers


This report is designed to support senior and/or middle management and supervisors in applying the Safety Leadership Characteristics described in Report 452 and creating a workplace culture that values safety.

Process safety – recommended practice on key performance indicators


This report provides guidance on identifying leading and lagging process safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Life-Saving Rules


With the revision of Report 459, IOGP launches a simplified set of Life-Saving Rules to provide workers in the industry with the actions they can take to protect themselves and their colleagues from fatalities.

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Environmental management in the upstream oil and gas industry


This Report provides a detailed overview of environmental management practices in the upstream oil and gas industry. The primary focus is on managing the risk from potential impacts to the natural environment during exploration and production of oil and gas.

IOGP 437 Sustainability reporting guidance

Sustainability reporting guidance for the oil and gas industry


The  Sustainability reporting guidance for the oil and gas industry is a key tool to help companies shape the structure and content of their sustainability reporting.

Introducing JIP33: Standardizing procurement specifications

JIP33 is making a step-change improvement in the specification, procurement and delivery of equipment for the oil and gas industry, through the use of standardized industry procurement specifications.

New publications

2020eu – Environmental data collection user guide (2020 data) – Definitions and exclusions


The collection, collation, and reporting of upstream environmental information has been a central part of the IOGP work programme since 1998. IOGP Member Companies are invited to submit data relating to their Exploration & Production activities on an annual basis. Submitted data are compiled, analysed and reported in the annual Environmental Performance Indicators Report.

Security Management Systems (Info Sheet)


Learn about the central points of a security management system

Guidance on requirement development


IOGP Report 604 – Guidance on requirement development Projects in the oil and gas industry are large and complex, and project execution can be negatively affected by unclear or ambiguous technical requirements. Greater precision in the drafting of requirements for use in the oil and gas industry will make projects easier to manage and reduce

Guidelines for GNSS positioning in the oil and gas industry


Get an overview of the use of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) to position vessels, vehicles and other fixed and mobile installations.


Joint IOGP-IPIECA position on COVID-19 vaccines

This document aims to help companies understand these developments, provide guidance for company policy development, and offer an assessment of the expected impact vaccines will have on the course of the pandemic.

Data Sharing Guidance


Guidance for company lawyers reviewing safety incident data to be shared within IOGP’s safety data collection programmes.