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Process safety – recommended practice on key performance indicators


This report provides guidance on identifying leading and lagging process safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Safety Leadership in Practice: A Guide for Managers


This report is designed to support senior and/or middle management and supervisors in applying the Safety Leadership Characteristics described in Report 452 and creating a workplace culture that values safety.

Life-Saving Rules


With the revision of Report 459, IOGP launches a simplified set of Life-Saving Rules to provide workers in the industry with the actions they can take to protect themselves and their colleagues from fatalities.

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Building an inclusive workforce in the oil and gas industry


The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) Workforce Energy Task Force completed a baseline study in 2022 to investigate how to secure the necessary talent and skills to deliver secure, affordable, and lower carbon energy solutions for all and facilitate digital transformation – while enabling an equitable energy transition. This report, intended for

IOGP 437 Sustainability reporting guidance

Sustainability reporting guidance for the oil and gas industry


The  Sustainability reporting guidance for the oil and gas industry is a key tool to help companies shape the structure and content of their sustainability reporting.

Introducing JIP33: Standardizing procurement specifications

JIP33 is making a step-change improvement in the specification, procurement and delivery of equipment for the oil and gas industry, through the use of standardized industry procurement specifications.

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Electrification technology deployment catalogue


This technology deployment catalogue identifies and summarizes available electrification options/technologies that support effectively reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the upstream oil and gas industry. It focuses on high-level information aimed at non-electrical engineers or decision makers undertaking specific project, concept, or front-end engineering design (FEED).

Health leading performance indicators – 2022 data


In 2008, the IOGP-Ipieca Health Committee published IOGP Report 393 – Health Performance Indicators – a guide for the oil and gas industry. In 2023, Report 393 was revised to simplify the scoring system, and introduce a more granular list of scores to enable reporting organizations to better reflect their continual improvement efforts. Updates to

Health performance indicators – 2022 data – executive summary


This is a brief summary of the main points from the analysis of the 2022 health performance data. It is a supplement to Report 2022h.

Safety data reporting user guide – Scope and definitions (2023 data)


The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) has been collecting global safety incident data from Member Companies since 1985. The data collected are entered directly to the IOGP safety database, which is the largest database of safety incident statistics in the industry. These data are held securely within IOGP’s systems and all data

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems


Report 696 – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) provides recommended practices that will assist in the safe and effective management of RPAS operations that are either operated directly or subcontracted by IOGP Member Companies. This Report is part of IOGP’s Oil and Gas Aviation Recommended Practices (OGARP, also called the 69- series). The series provides

Offshore helidecks and facilities


Report 697 – Offshore helidecks and facilities provides recommended practices that will assist in the safe and effective management of offshore commercial helicopter operations by ensuring that helidecks on offshore facilities are built to an approved design and maintained and operated in a safe manner.