IOGP Report 483-6u – IOGP P6/11 Seismic Bin Grid Data Exchange Format – User Guide


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This User Guide is a companion of the IOGP P6/11 Seismic bin grid data exchange format description. It provides guidance and detail on the writing, application, and use of the P6/11 data exchange format and the user is encouraged to refer to both documents when writing and reading P6/11 files. This User Guide provides context and examples to demonstrate various implementations of the new version. This User Guide will be updated in line with recommended practice as usage grows and develops.

The P6/11 format is designed for the exchange of seismic bin grid definitions and data. It replaces both the legacy P6/98 bin grid data exchange format and the UKOOA P1/90 data exchange format (when used as a bin centre data exchange format). This typically originates from the planning and execution of seismic data acquisition operations. Since P6/11 represents an expansion in functionality from the earlier P6/98 definition that it replaced, the User Guide has been written to address a much wider user community, who may not have used this data exchange format.

The User Guide comprises two sections: Section I contains information on the intended process flow, including the new format features and how to use data contained in files of this format. Section II addresses technical issues that may be needed for a deeper understanding, or be used by those implementing systems and applications that use the P6/11 format.