Well control

Primarily focussed in the area of prevention, in order to reduce the likelihood of major incidents.

Well control

Primarily focussed in the area of prevention, in order to reduce the likelihood of major incidents.

Wells Expert Committee

The Well Expert Committee aims to be the global voice of well Operators and a relevant and effective technical authority on the prevention and mitigation of high consequence well control events.

The purpose of the Wells Expert Committee is to improve well Operators’ effectiveness in the prevention and mitigation of high consequence well control events throughout the well life cycle, but particularly during well construction and well work, recognising that such events pose the highest global risk to safety, to the environment, and to the industry’s license to operate.

Well Control Incidents

The purpose of the Well Control Incidents Subcommittee is to collect, assess and share global well control incidents and learnings of continuously improving quality from IOGP members and alternate sources, in order to prevent reoccurrence of such events.

Competency and Training

The purpose of the Competency and Training Subcommittee is to minimize the impact of global well control events due to operations-related human error. This involves providing individuals and operations teams in our industry the leadership and guidance to assure development and verification of technical and non-technical competency, including human behaviours.

Well Control Systems

The Well Control Systems subcommittee assists industry in the prevention of high consequence well control events, recognizing that such events pose the highest societal risk on a drilling or work over rig. It develops and implements strategies to address key global well control issues by leveraging its global standing and uniting operators, contractors, industry associations, regulatory bodies, and other key stakeholders accordingly.

  • RAPID S-53 BOP Reliability JIP – Administered by IADC, Co-Sponsored by IOGP
  • Shearing Database JIP – Administered by Stress Engineering

Subsea Well Response & Source Control

The purpose of the Subsea Well Response & Source Control Subcommittee is to support the industry in planning and use of subsea well response and source control equipment and associated activities and services, centred around risk based and balanced approaches.

Well Standards

The WEC Standards Liaison monitors the development of critical well control and well integrity standards that supports the WEC purpose and overall mission of prevention.


  • Chair: Paul Forman, BP
  • Vice Chair: Alexandre Depiesse, TotalEnergies
  • Director: Olav Skår

For more information, contact Committee Manager Diana Khatun, dk@iogp.org

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We know that human factors are a significant contributor to many workplace incidents; we often hear statistics like ‘80% of well control incidents have been attributed to human errors.’ Yet, it’s an area that’s notoriously hard to tackle. Humans are, after all, human.

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In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or Committee Member. This month’s interview is with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Wells Expert Committee: Paul Forman (bp) – Chair, and Norbert van Beelen (Shell) – Vice-Chair. 

IOGP publishes subsea source control competency and skills guidance

Guidance for Subsea Source Control Competency and Skills (IOGP-IPIECA Report 591) was developed to share guidance with those interested in understanding subsea well response competency and the skills that sit within it.

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As some of the WEC leadership moves on to new things, we welcome the new leaders who have volunteered to add to this legacy with tangible next steps.

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‘Avoiding well collisions’ is one of a series of fact sheets produced by the Well Expert Committee’s International Standards Task Force.  

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Joint press release from Oil Spill Response Ltd and Subsea well Response Project (SWRP). Download the Press Release

Oil Industry outlines global recommendations to reduce likelihood and impact of well incidents

Monday 16 May 2011: The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP), is today [16 May] releasing its recommendations to improve well incident prevention, intervention and response. These recommendations

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