Diving operations

Diving reports

Diving Recommended Practice

Report No: 411

Diving Operations involve a unique combination of occupational health and safety issues performed in an unforgiving environment where errors can quickly develop into fatal accidents.

Diving worksite representative roles, responsibilities & training

Report No: 431

This document is to sets out IOGP’s recommendations on the competence of diving representatives.

Diving System Assurance recommended practice

Report No: 468

The Diving System Assurance recommended practice provides a systematic approach that verifies the adequacy of a diving system, its operating processes and the competence of personnel with the minimum agreed standards.

Oxy-Arc Underwater Cutting Recommended Practice

Report No: 471

Underwater oxy-arc cutting, also commonly referred to as “burning” has been utilized extensively in the underwater diving environment. This Recommended Practice has been developed to assist with the management of this activity and provide control measures, guidance and processes to ensure the safe execution of this technique.

Saturation Diving Emergency Hyperbaric Rescue Performance requirements

Report No: 478

The evacuation and rescue of saturation divers maintained in storage onboard a vessel or facility and including those deployed in a diving bell or habitat. The rescue is complete when all divers have completed any decompression and bendwatch and are at normobaric pressure.

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