Aviation data reports

Presenting the safety performance of the aviation industry involved in both upstream and downstream operations.

Aviation reports

Aircraft Management Guidelines (AMG)

Report No: 590

This is a revision of Report 390.

The AMG provides recommended common guidance for the safe, effective and efficient management of all aviation operations. It is based on best practices developed in collaboration with the oil and gas offshore transport/aviation industry. Following the AMG will minimize risk in the management of aviation.

Airline safety assessment mechanism

Report No: 418

The often unspoken requisite for all travellers is safe arrival at his or her destination on each and every occasion a journey is undertaken. For personal travellers, this is an individual concern but for business travellers it is also a matter for the businesses involved, whether the traveller is a full time employee or a contractor travelling for that business.

Helicopter guidelines for land seismic & helirig operations

Report No: 420

The purpose of this document is to promote effective management of helicopter operations in support of land seismic surveys and helirig operations. The information contained within this document should be viewed as recommended best practices. These guidelines are to be used in conjunction with IOGP report 590, Aircraft management guidelines (AMG).

Offshore Helicopter Recommended Practices (OHRP)

Report No: 690

IOGP’s aviation guidance Offshore Helicopter Recommended Practices (OHRP) – represents a step change for the safety of offshore helicopter services across the industry and in achieving Project Safira’s goal of eradicating fatalities in our industry.

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