Leading the sharing of international experience and good practice, advocating for risk-based decommissioning policy and guidance


Leading the sharing of international experience and good practice, advocating for risk-based decommissioning policy and guidance

Decommissioning Committee


The vision of the IOGP Decommissioning Committee is to be the global voice for decommissioning, with the Committee recognized as a leader in the sharing of international experience and good practice with the intent of supporting members in their decommissioning projects and intelligently influencing the development and implementation of decommissioning policy and guidance worldwide.


The objectives of the Committee are to support the Membership in the planning, funding, and delivery of decommissioning projects that are safe, environmentally responsible, and cost efficient and to deploy initiatives to share this with external stakeholders.

It does this by providing.

  • Technical leadership through guidance, papers and studies to deliver safe, responsible and efficient decommissioning projects
  • Advocacy to influence regulatory development of decommissioning policy and guidance worldwide
  • Communication and Outreach to share experiences and offer expertise to stakeholders supported by sound data and evidences.

Priority areas

The following are some of the topics currently being addressed by the Committee:

  • Asset Retirement Obligations/ Pre-Project Cost estimating
  • Decommissioning decision process and tools
  • Environmental impacts of Assets decommissioned in-situ
  • Response to potential new decommissioning policies in the EU and regional seas Convention forum (OSPAR, Barcelona).
  • Technical guidance documents for decommissioning execution efficiency
  • Development of a global decommissioning science and technology report
  • Methane Seepage 

Governance and Structure

The Decommissioning Committee comprises of Decommissioning Professionals from IOGP Member organisations. It is chaired by Bert Fokkema- Shell, with John Gillies- ExxonMobil and Eduardo Zacaron- Petrobras as its vice-chairs. It has the following subcommittees set up to focus regional specific discussions:

  • APAC Sub Committee, co-chaired by Ariff Irfan Zainai – Petrobras and Emma Ogilvie- ExxonMobil
  • Europe-Mediterranean Sub-Committee, co-chaired by Christian Schwarck- Shell and Joe Leask – bp.

Various Expert Groups has been set up to deliver specific technical deliverables: Asset Retirement Obligations, CGBS and Subsea Bundles, Habitat Phase 2, Methane Seepage

The Committee sits under the IOGP Environment Directorate. For more information, contact IOGP Senior Manager- Decommissioning or IOGP Environment Director

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