Digitalization & Information Standards

Identifying and driving adoption of information standards and supporting the introduction of digitalization technologies

Digitalization & Information Standards

Identifying and driving adoption of information standards and supporting the introduction of digitalization technologies

DISC: Driving digitalization

IOGP created DISC (the Digital & Information Standards Subcommittee – formerly known as the Information Standards Subcommittee – ISSC) in 2015 to address the lack of common industry data and information standards relevant to the Oil & Gas industry.  In late 2019, the Sub Committee expanded to include a focus on digitalization. Digitalization opportunities rely on consistent and foundational standards throughout the Oil & Gas supply chain partners.

DISC’S objectives are to identify and drive adoption of information standards to improve the efficiency of integration between Supply Chain partners, and to support the introduction of digitalization technologies.


Tackling the Digitalization Challenge

Digitalization is a vast and dynamic area.  Our efforts are focused on the foundational elements that need to be driven at the industry level.

The DISC is working on four theme areas in parallel:

  1. To identify and progress new industry wide digitalization solutions
  2. To drive adoption of existing solutions and standards
  3. Understanding the standards landscape
  4. Working closely with Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) to fill gaps and drive out overlaps

Digitalization Solution Seeding

The DISC has identified several digitalization solution areas for enhancing capabilities that need or would benefit from an industry foundational approach to data standards; driven by the industry digitalisation road map produced by the DISC in 2020.  Our objective is to progressively address both the enabling foundational architecture and solutions they support.

High-level themes:

  • Common definitions
  • Common taxonomies
  • Common lists of properties

Digitalization & Standards Adoption

The adoption of digital transformation standards workstream focuses on understanding and overcoming barriers to widespread adoption of the data and information standards that provide the foundation for digital transformation.  The working group works to develop metrics to consistently evaluate the level of adoption across the industry, provide recommendations on ways for owner operators to resolve adoption delays, facilitate feedback to the standards on way to resolve issues, and guides the IOGP in ways to support and promote the standards effectively.

SDO Influencing & Alignment

Our vision for the SDO influencing and alignment area is to develop an understanding for the need standardised standards; born of inter-organisational co-operation. Removing contradiction, duplicity, and ambiguity while driving consistency. Globally aligned, open access requirements consumed though automated interactions driven by empirical value requires standardisation: This unlocks value.

Standards Analysis & Usage

The standards analysis and usage workstream focuses on an increasing understanding of the data and information standards domain that provide the focus areas for the other workstreams of the DISC. The emphasis is on quantitative analysis of increasing detail. To date, the industry demand has been analysed by the data standards opportunity survey (DSOS), and a first review of the available supply via the data standards domain analysis (DSDA) study. It is intended to further refine and expand this work into 2021.

Fundamentally, there is an initial need for the ability to master standardised data. While the majority of the perceived value is derived from the enhancing capabilities (digital twins, product lifecycle management, seamless data exchange, and the wider digital transformation landscape) those capabilities, and therefore the value, is unlocked by solid enabling foundations: Common standards.

These foundational needs are further supported by the data standards opportunity survey which showed the need for engineering reference, project, and operational information standards. See Standards Analysis & Usage below.

Overall, the five key themes of the industry digitalisation roadmap report (see Digitalization solution seeding below) serve well to collate the finding of the other DISC activity to date.

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