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Understanding Marine Seismic Surveys

Marine Environment Interaction

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5 things to know about hydrogen fuel

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) value chain

Can CCS tackle climate change?


Is collaboration possible?

Energy Perspectives 2017

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The Life Cycle of a Well

Taking Care of Base Business

Horizontal Drilling

Microseismic monitoring

Hydraulic fracturing: How it works

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The Paris Agreement sets out a framework for nations to begin to reduce emissions to limit warming of the climate system to well below 2 degrees celsius and, ideally, to limit that to as little as 1.5 degrees celsius.

Energy transitions

The dual challenge

Natural gas

History of CO2 - Options for the future

Did you know

6,000 years ago the Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians learned to recover bitumen from the of oil that emerged in puddles along the banks of the Euphrates.
In China, 3,000 ago, coal was used as a fuel for the smelting of copper.
The Persian priests of the cult of fire were the first to observe fugitive gas, perhaps ignited by lightning, and to create altars for their divinity.

Oil and gas people

Tapping into Oil Over 30,000 Feet Deep

Lifting 25,000 tonnes in 9 seconds

OPITO's UKCS Workforce Dynamics: The Skills Landscape 2019 - 2025 report launch