Technical Expertise

Data series

Our reports analyse results for key indicators by region, function and company.


Addressing the challenges to be faced as any offshore structures come to the end of their operational lives


Identifying and spreading good environmental practice wherever the upstream industry operates

Gas from Shale

With responsible operators and sound regulation, gas from shale can help meet a global rising energy demand.


Helping industry adopt leading technologies to be certain that their operations are on target in terms of geographic location.


Working to improve health standards and performance throughout the oil and gas sector

International standards

Enhancing industry’s technical integrity, safety and environmental performance through the development and use of international standards.


Applied oceanography and meteorology can improve the design and operation of offshore and onshore structures.


Promoting the integration of safety into every aspect of exploration and production operations and providing the benchmarks against which to measure improving safety performance.


Providing good security risk management guidance

Sound and marine life

Managing the specially funded Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Project, we aim to better characterize the sounds the industry produces.

Subsea installation

Dedicated to improving the safety performance of subsea operations

Well control

Analysing well incident report data, advocating harmonized standards, communicating good practice and promoting continued research and development.

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