NUF of the future webinar series










The Oil and Gas Industry is moving towards Normally Unattended Facilities (NUF). Normally Unattended Facilities are those where operations are either completely automated or operated remotely, with no personnel typically onsite.

The IOGP NUF Task Force, a collaborative effort between 10 oil and gas operators published a white paper in 2021 where the NUF design principles and the anticipated challenges in its implementation were evaluated.

Based on this white paper, innovations in several domains are needed to make NUF a reality.

This series of three webinars will discuss the key topics identified in the paper: rotating equipment, power generation, mobile autonomous systems, facility design, and new materials.

Does your company provide rotating equipment, power generation, mobile autonomous solutions, facility design, or new materials for the Oil & Gas Industry? You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to explore NUF and the growing demand for NUF supplier-led solutions.

Come prepared to share suggestions on how we win together.  The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session on submitted questions from webinar participants.

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