Wells Committee

The Wells Expert Committee’s mission is primarily in the area of prevention, in order to reduce the likelihood of major incidents, with a vision to minimize the risk of unplanned release of hydrocarbons from a well. To achieve this, the Wells Expert Committee works with a range of partners involved at every phase of the well life cycle, from design to decommissioning.


This Committee identifies areas for improvement to get better as an industry across the whole cycle of well planning, construction, operation and decommissioning.

The Committee provides a forum for sharing good practice and continuous safety improvements in well construction, well intervention, and well integrity.

Well Control Incident:

  • to improve the sharing of lessons learned amongst IOGP members
  • formalize a culture of learning, and embedding lessons learned on well control events in members’ organizations
  • use the learning to constantly monitor gaps and focus on the right prevention areas

International standards, International collaboration and good coordination is a priority for IOGP:

  • pursue harmonization of key standards
  • monitor and influence new standard developments and their revisions
  • advocate for risk-based standards

Human Factors Training, Behaviours & Competence:

  • to provide a permanent improvement in the Competence and Behaviours of Operations Teams in Well Control for the whole oil and gas industry (operators, contractors and equipment manufacturers)

BOP – Reliability and Technology, with participation of Equipment Manufacturers and Drilling Contractors:

  • identify BOP reliability and efficiency improvement opportunities
  • promote common industry solutions and identify best practices

Work areas

The Wells committee has the following subcommittees and Task Forces

  • Well Control incidents subcommittee
  • Database for Incidents
  • Training, Competence & Human Factors Task Force
  • WEC International Standards Task Force


Chair of the Wells Committee is Jason Gahr, ExxonMobil

Vice Chairs are Norbert vanBeelan, Shell, and Kim McHugh, Chevron

Management Committee sponsors are Craig May, Chevron and Jim Andrews, Schlumberger

For more information, contact Committee Manager Diana Khatun, dk@iogp.org

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