Wells Expert Committee

The WEC aims to be the global voice of well Operators and a relevant and effective technical authority on the prevention and mitigation of high consequence well control events.

The purpose of the Wells Expert Committee (WEC) is to improve well Operators’ effectiveness in the prevention and mitigation of high consequence well control events throughout the well life cycle, but particularly during well construction and well work, recognising that such events pose the highest global risk to safety, to the environment, and to the industry’s license to operate.


Chair of the Wells Committee is Jason Gahr, ExxonMobil

Vice Chairs are Norbert vanBeelan, Shell, and Kim McHugh, Chevron

Management Committee sponsors are Craig May, Chevron and Jim Andrews, Schlumberger

For more information, contact Committee Manager Diana Khatun, dk@iogp.org

Chair’s message

Despite the cyclical nature of well construction activity in our industry, Operators have demonstrated commitment, through their continued and robust participation, to the WEC’s objective of preventing and mitigating high consequence well control events.

Our strategy of collecting and assessing global learnings and incidents to inform the efforts of our subcommittees remains unchanged. In the coming year, the WEC is positioned to facilitate industry sharing and deliver a number of valuable work products while maintaining the agility to adapt to the evolving needs of IOGP membership and the industry.

The WEC is an exciting place to be!

Work items for 2019

Well Control Incidents Subcommittee

  • Collect, categorise, and analyse well control incident data and reports and to identify trends or changes, and to make recommendations to the WEC
  • Joint effort with CTSC on the development of training material

Subsea Well Response Subcommittee

  • Collect and catalogue information about Table Tops and practical stack deployment exercises
  • Ongoing monitoring of industry state of readiness for well source control incidents
  • Source Control Risk Gap Analysis

Competency and Training Subcommittee

  • Competency Assessment for Safety Critical Roles
  • Well Control Event Videos
  • Review Lessons Learned from WCI data base
  • Well Control Training – Biennial Review and update for IOGP 476

Well International Standards Liaison

  • Maintain contact between WEC and Standards Committee
  • Follow up ongoing work in API and ISO
  • Update the list of well control and well integrity standards

Well Control Systems Subcommittee

  • Subsea BOP Technician Credentialing
  • Continued Monitoring of WCI & BOP JIP issues for Lessons Learnt
  • Outline plans for Early Kick Detection Technology Review

2018 highlights

In 2018, the WEC was proud to deliver a number of work products that provide value for members and the industry:

IOGP 509 – The use of behavioural markers of non-technical skills in oil and gas operations: Supporting material

This report supports the guidance on the use of behavioural markers to support non- technical skills in oil and gas operations contained in IOGP Report 503.

IOGP 622 – Considerations for Time to Shear Tubulars in a BOP

IOGP 485 – New list of standards and guidelines for Well Integrity and Well Control

A reference list of standards and guidelines relevant to drilling, well constructions and well operations.

Response to Mud Gas Separator GIRG Report Recommendations

IOGP 594 – Source Control Emergency Response Planning Guide for Subsea Wells

This report has been developed to guide Operating Companies in the planning and preparation of a suitable subsea source control emergency response plan.

Video training resources

2 Videos – WCI Alert video and a Competency Video to illustrate
learning themes

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