Subsea Committee

In September 2014 the Management Committee approved the formation of the Subsea Committee. The decision was essentially made from a risk perspective, i.e. the identification of any major gap in safety of subsea operations. The objectives of the Committee will be complementary to those of relevant, existing forum/conference activities in Norway and elsewhere.


The scope of work/remit of the Subsea Committee comprises the subsea equipment and facilities, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (SURF) as well as the infield gathering system and export systems and pipelines.

The overall objective of the Committee is to improve HSE and to contribute to value creation. Three focus areas for the Committee will be contributing to the overall objective and vision of IOGP to promote safe, responsible and sustainable operations.

The specific activities related to safety include:

  • emergency preparedness for intervention on templates and Christmas trees and on flowlines and pipelines
  • enhancing process safety aspects associated with the design and operation of subsea facilities, e.g. process of Hazard and Operability studies
  • sharing of lessons learned related to significant equipment failures and incidents

Work areas

The three focus areas are standardization, technology qualification and lifetime extension.

  • standardization would commence by mapping ongoing and planned activities and use the deliverable as basis for further work and support of activities with the best value.
  • technology qualification, putting together practices/processes of OGP members.
  • lifetime Extension, with specific activities in regard of flexible flowlines and risers, leak detection and management, and subsea pig launching/receiving of inspection tools

The Committee works closely with other IOGP committees, National Industry Associations and industry trade associations.


Chair of the Subsea Committee is Roald Sirevaag, Statoil

Management Committee sponsors are Torstein Hole, Statoil and Mauricio Diniz, Petrobras

Work stream contacts:

  • HSE: Michael Starkey, ExxonMobil
  • Standardization: Per-Arne Nilsen, Total
  • Technology qualification: Peter Blake, Chevron
  • Lifetime extension: John Osborne, BP

For more information, contact Safety Director Chris Hawkes, or Committee Manager Diana Khatun,

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