Subsea Committee

The Subsea Committee provides Member Companies with a forum for open and constructive dialogue on the diverse challenges, issues and opportunities associated with the Committee’s objectives.

The Subsea Committee includes SURF (subsea facilities from tubing hanger to boarding valve, umbilicals, risers, and flowlines) and underwater portion of export systems (pipelines, risers, insolation valves, etc.). The scope of work encompasses design, manufacture, installation, operation and decommissioning – including integrity, reliability, production efficiency and obsolescence of the facilities over their entire lifecycle.


The purpose and vision of the Subsea Committee is to improve HSSE (Health, Security, Safety, Environment) performance and contribute to value creation with a focus on two priority areas with two supporting themes:

Priority area: HSSE

  • Supporting themes: performance improvement through production efficiency & lifetime extension

Priority area: SSI (Simplification, Standardization, Industrialization)

  • Supporting themes: technology application through qualification alignment and supplier engagement


Chair of the Security Committee is Roald Sirevaag, Equinor

Management Committee sponsor is Morten Loktu, Equinor

Work stream contacts:

  • HSE: Michael Starkey, ExxonMobil
  • Standardization: Per-Arne Nilsen, Total
  • Technology qualification: Peter Blake, Chevron
  • Lifetime extension: Martin Dove, BP

For more information, contact Committee Manager Diana Khatun

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