Metocean Committee

Encouraging a better understanding of how applied oceanography and meteorology can improve the design and operation of offshore and onshore structures.

The Metocean Committee also serves as the industry link with relevant government agencies and certification societies.


Offshore facilities and infrastructure need to withstand the forces of winds, waves and ocean currents over the 30-40 year life span of a producing field. That is why offshore structures and infrastructure design, construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning are critically dependent on a thorough understanding of all the forces that prevail in the marine environment.

IOGP’s Metocean Committee encourages a better understanding of the value of applied oceanography and meteorology both within and outside the industry. It promotes use of sound metocean techniques in offshore and onshore structure design and operations. When appropriate, the Committee also builds industry consensus on relevant issues.

Committee activities include:

  • critiques of existing and proposed rules and regulations of government agencies and certification societies
  • providing a focal point for communicating industry requirements to relevant regional and global organizations
  • developing appropriate metocean standards in safety and engineering
  • advancing oceanography, meteorology and statistical analysis techniques for developing metocean design criteria. These include joint probability, hindcasting, instrumentation, methods of observation and remote sensing of data. In particular, the Committee highlights cost-effective techniques such as improved data collection methods and the use of numerical models
  • providing a forum for the discussion of on-going regional upstream metocean projects and helping to initiate metocean research


Requests for further information about the IOGP Metocean Committee should be addressed to the Committee Manager:

Lucyna Kryla-Straszewska
IOGP, City Tower, 40 Basinghall St, 14th Floor, London EC2V 5DE, United Kingdom

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