Legal Committee

Virtually all IOGP Member activities are circumscribed by contracts, permits or other legal requirements. These relate to local, national, or regional laws and/or global conventions. It is important to understand how developments in regional and international regulations may impact IOGP Members’ operations.

The Association’s Legal Committee therefore plays a vital role.


With a primary focus on questions of international law, the Legal Committee advises IOGP on proposed international conventions – regional as well as global – that affect upstream activities. In recent years it has played a leading role in developing industry positions on environmental liability, transparency and financial reporting.

The Legal Committee’s work includes:

  • informing members of relevant legal developments, including proposed international conventions, that involve issues such as civil liability, insurance, corporate social responsibility and related matters
  • providing legal representation at appropriate international organisation meetings
  • liaising with other IOGP committees and appropriate industry bodies (including OPOL) and governments

The Committee also works to build additional know-how on the legal implications of carbon capture and storage.


Chair of the Legal Committee is Catherine Marchand Støle, Equinor

Management Committee sponsor is IOGP Executive Director, Gordon Ballard

For more information, contact Committee Manager Felicite Robertson

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