Environment Committee

The Environment Committee is dedicated to identifying and spreading good environmental practice wherever the upstream industry operates.


Regulators, financial institutions, non-governmental institutions and other stakeholders rightly want the assurance that upstream oil and gas operations don’t harm the environment. The industry itself wants rules and regulations to be clear and technically justified.

IOGP’s Environment Committee seeks to provide a balanced approach to both imperatives while identifying and spreading good practice among operators.

Work areas

Committee activities include:

  • ensuring continued access to new and known hydrocarbon sources
  • environmental management and reporting
  • gaseous emissions management
  • monitoring regulatory developments and developing advocacy positions

The Committee works with a variety of organizations including:

  • IMO
  • Arctic Council
  • IWC


The Environment Committee has the following subcommittees and task forces:

  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Working Group (jointly with IPIECA)
  • Environment Social & Health Impact Assessment Task Force
  • Environmental Performance Indicators Subcommittee
  • European Environment Subcommittee
  • IOGP-IAGC E&P Sound & Marine Life Task Force
  • Drilling waste
  • NORM
  • MSP


The Environment Committee is chaired by Charles Wood, Shell; Peter Oliver, Chevron.

Vice-Chairs are Sue Ford, BP; Dina Kuykendall, Baker Hughes; Paola Maria Pedroni, Eni

Management Committee sponsors are Michael Borrell, Total;  Wayne Warwick, ExxonMobil; Giorgio Guidi, Eni

For more information, contact Committee Manager Sureiya Pochee: Environment Manager sp@iogp.org

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