Decommissioning Committee

Many offshore structures are coming to the end of their operational lives. This committee focuses on benchmarking the decommissioning process, assessing any environmental implications and encouraging the design of new facilities to incorporate decommissioning features.


The decommissioning process presents some critical challenges in terms of engineering capability, safety and costs.

There are also regional and international processes and requirements in place.

Recognizing these, the Decommissioning Committee is:

  • identifying and addressing the issue’s engineering and environmental challenges
  • identifying and sharing experiences and proven technologies and practices
  • benchmarking cost-effective strategies
  • advising IOGP members on regulatory developments that may have direct or indirect bearing on decommissioning
  • liaising with other IOGP committees on safety and environmental aspects of decommissioning

Some of the Committee’s work may be done through joint industry projects.


For more information, contact Ping Teo, IOGP Senior Manager- Decommissioning.

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