Communications Committee

IOGP needs a clear, consistent and compelling voice to foster understanding of the upstream industry’s operations and objectives.

The Communications Committee helps to supply that voice.



The Committee works closely with other IOGP committees to provide:

  • guidance on the Association’s response to a wide range of  issues
  • advice on building advocacy platforms
  • direction on the continuing development of IOGP communications tools, with emphasis on distilling and disseminating key messages
  • two-way communications between the Association and its members regarding emerging issues
  • communications on IOGP achievements on members’ behalf

The Committee also vets all external presentations, guides development of this website and monitors the agendas of national oil industry association agendas to identify areas of mutual interest


Chair of the Communications Committee is Alessandro Torello, Eni

Management Committee sponsors are Giorgio Guidi, Eni and Trond-Erik Johansen, ConocoPhillips

For more information, contact  Committee Manager Danny Walsh,

What does the Communications Committee do?

  • Serves as the voice of IOGP and speaks on behalf of the global upstream industry
  • Engages in direct advocacy to promote the case for oil and gas
  • Raises awareness of IOGP achievements and products among Members
  • Supports the communications efforts of JIPs and committees
  • Creates and manages IOGP communications: website, social media, conventional media, Highlights and the IOGP brand.

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