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Any upstream company - private, public or state-owned - is welcome to apply for IOGP membership.

Membership is also open to any association – national, regional or international – that already has on its roster at least two IOGP members and is directly concerned with exploration and/or production.

Associate membership is open to companies, other corporate bodies and national institutions that provide oil- and/or gas-field services to companies that qualify for full IOGP membership.

Our Memorandum and Articles of Association and Regulations provide full criteria.

A Member’s fee depend on production levels, geographical spread of upstream interests and incorporate an additional European supplement for Members operating in Europe.

Discover the benefits

Read our Membership brochure to find out how membership of IOGP can benefit your organization

10 reasons to join IOGP

  1. 1. Gain the opportunity to work with other industry experts
    2. Benefit from representation on and engagement with leading international bodies
    3. Help improve the public’s understanding of the upstream industry
    4. Gain access to an industry platform for constructive debate
    5. Join a diverse and global membership
    6. Develop industry guidance and good practice through working groups
    7. Be informed of emerging threats to the industry
    8. Have access to unique technical data (with trend analysis and benchmarking to identify areas
    and activities that can improve performance)
    9. Benefit from industry-wide networks and expertise
    10. Add your voice to the development of global technical standards.

Membership options

There are three membership options available.

Upstream membership

Any upstream company – private, public or state-owned – may apply for IOGP membership.

Association membership

Any association (regional, national or international) of two or more company members and which is directly concerned with exploration and/or production may also be admitted as a member.

Associate membership

Associate membership is open to companies that provide technical field services (excluding support services such as consultancy, transport, catering, and cleaning) to an oil or gas company that is itself qualified to be a member of IOGP.

Membership fees

Company Members

Members1 pay one unit for each of the following areas in which they have an interest in operations2:

1) Africa,  2) Asia / Australasia,  3) Europe,  4) Middle East,  5) North America, 6) Russia & Central Asia, 7) South & Central America3

The cost of each unit is: £17,880 p.a.

Company Members are categorised into four tiers with the following multipliers defined on the level of company gross BOE global production for the calculation of fees:

Tier Global Production Multiplier (2020)
1 including and above 2.0 million boe/d 2.0
2 including and above 0.6 million boe/d 1.5
3 including and above 0.2 million boe/d 1.25
4 all other (including Associations) 1.0

Associate Members

The Associate Member fee is as above and subject to a multiplier of 0.5 per region.

Association Members

Association Members pay one unit of account and are subject to the Tier 4 multiplier.

European Supplement

The European supplement, payable by Members declaring an interest in Europe, is: €79,500 p.a. to cover the cost of running the Brussels office and its associated activity4. The European Supplement is also subject to the Production Multiplier, as above, based on global production.


A) Company Member operating in all 7 regions (including Europe), with 4.3 million boe/d production
£17,880 x 7 x 2.0 = £250,320 p.a. plus European Supplement €79,500 x 2.0 = €159,000 p.a.

B) Associate Member operating in 4 regions (including Europe), with 0 million boe/d production
£17,880 x 4 x 1.0 x 0.5 = £35,760 p.a. plus European Supplement €79,500 x 1.0 x 0.5 = €39,750 p.a.

C) Association Member operating in 1 region (excluding Europe)
£17,880 x 1 x 1.0 = £17,880 p.a. 

1 For types of Membership please refer to the IOGP Memorandum and Articles of Association and Regulations (p11).
2 Includes Joint Ventures (JVs), licences, etc.
3 For delineation of regions refer to the map in the IOGP Memorandum and Articles of Association and Regulations (p34).
4 Sterling & Euro amounts to be paid into separate accounts.

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