JIP33: Standardization of equipment and packages

In our industry, we have been eroding value by developing bespoke components in each of our projects. Our vision is to achieve industry-level standardization to enable efficient procurement and support delivery of safe, reliable and competitive projects and operations across the globe. JIP33 on ‘standardization of procurement specifications for equipment’ was initiated by IOGP to prove the concept of industry-level standardization with support from the World Economic Forum (WEF) capital project complexity initiative.

We have been progressing standardization of equipment and packages, and have delivered four equipment specifications for procurement and we are working on 10 more. For further information, please see JIP33 Standardization of equipment specifications for procurement slide package or poster.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the JIP33 Steering Committee chaired by BP had 12 funding and 5 supporting members and focused on four types of equipment/material: ball valve, subsea xmas tree, low voltage switchgear and piping material.

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JIP33 has now proven the concept of industry-wide collaboration towards standardization by completing a pilot project, phase 1, to standardize the four equipment specifications for procurement. These are now available:

  • IOGP S-560 Low voltage switchgear, published November 2016 with including Data Sheet, SDRL and POQR supplements.
  • IOGP S-561 Subsea xmas tree, published December 2016 with including SDRL and POQR supplements.
  • IOGP S-562 Ball valve, published December 2016 with including SDRL and POQR supplements.
  • IOGP S-563 Piping materials, published January 2017.

To further prove the overall concept of industry standardization, these specifications need to be embedded by the operators within their organizations. A survey amongst the participating operating companies shows that the large majority will adopt these specifications for use in their future projects.

Phase 2

Phase 2 was kicked off in early July 2017 with Aker Solutions Ltd. winning the bid to provide Project Management for the project. JIP33 Phase 2 Steering Committee, chaired by Chevron has at present 10 funding members, continued support by the WEF Capital Project Complexity workstream and is planning for further support by stakeholder review groups and suppliers as in the pilot phase. Stepping up the scope of work for JIP33 phase 2, a plan detailed comprising of five workstreams was developed.

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  1. Adoption of specifications across the industry: Embed the specifications agreed to in 2016 within operator companies. Update the communications plan to raise awareness across the industry. Document learnings from the use of the specifications (both technical and procurement). Long-term maintenance of the specifications.
  2. Understand the value of standardization. Update the draft value document with the examples from the participating operators to enable communication of the value across the industry. Develop KPIs to measure implementation and value.
  3. Improvement of specifications: The ball valves and subsea xmas trees specifications and/or their quality and documentation requirements will be further improved in phase 2 to maximise the value based on the feedback from companies and suppliers.
  4. Cultural change: Embed the culture change and develop communications plan to increase awareness and facilitate the culture change across the industry.
  5. Procurement specifications for further equipment and package items will be developed starting in July. See main deliverables below for details.

Main deliverables

The main deliverables of phase 2 are the following specifications:

The JIP33 phase 2specifications have now been published and made available for use by Operating companies, suppliers and the industry at large, by links provided above. The gate valve specification has been pushed over to phase 3 to complete. IOGP would certainly recommend Operating companies, JIP33 members, suppliers and others, to take these specifications into use, preferably as is, with no further supplements. That will enable real standardization and create the most value for the efforts put in. Feedback on published specifications are most welcome and can be sent to JIP33@iogp.org. Please state name and contact detail of contact person in your feedback so we can get back to you as needed.

Please contact Alf Reidar Johansen for more information.

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