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SPE Forum: Methane Emissions Management for a Sustainable Future

April 22 - April 25

Methane emissions management plays an essential role in a decarbonizing economy and is a key component of maintaining trust in our industry’s commitment to lower carbon targets by the end of the decade.

IOGP is delighted to support this event.

Dr Faye Gerard
Dr Faye Gerard

Dr Faye Gerard will speak at the opening session and is co-chair with OGCI for Session 7: Global Synergies and Strategies

Please join Dr Gerard and over 70 other methane thought leaders and doers and apply before 19 February, 2024.

Addressing methane emissions may be the single most powerful priority that would permit us to extend the life of hydrocarbons.

This Forum is a seminal gathering of all stakeholders in a unique, safe environment to address the future of methane emissions management from end to end.

The Forum will cover the future of measurement, quantification, reporting in an evolving regulatory and non-regulatory landscape, and what innovations are needed in abatement solutions, global synergies, and strategies to avoid methane emissions.

Participants will leave the Forum with new insights, strategies, connections, and a vision of the future of methane emissions management.

To learn more and register, visit the event website

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