Engineering Leadership Council

  • Engineering is at the heart of the oil and gas industry and ELC brings together the heads of engineering.
  • Reducing the complexity and controlling the cost of projects and production are together one of the biggest challenges facing our industry today.
  • Collaboration amongst major operators to identify, align and sponsor activities such as standardisation is key to our sector becoming competitive.
  • ELC will lead and drive a collaborative engineering agenda across the industry.

Purpose and vision

Engineering is at the heart of the oil and gas industry and has a vital role in every area of our business. Engineering plays an integral role in keeping our people safe, our products flowing, and our facilities reliable. Having a sustainable engineering capability underpins our success.

In our industry, we have been eroding value by developing bespoke components in each of our projects. Our industry must change to adapt and significantly reduce the waste, decreasing project costs and improving schedules through collaboration on standardisation and replication. Our vision is to achieve industry-level standardisation in all aspects of engineering (practices, philosophies, specifications, concepts, etc.) to enable efficient designs, procurement and to support the development and delivery of safe, reliable and competitive projects and operations across the globe.

The mission and aims of the ELC are to provide vision, strategy and leadership for an increased focus and collaboration on engineering-related matters between IOGP Operating Member Companies and the wider industry to drive further alignment and promote standard engineering solutions.

Standardisation has been an important focus for IOGP since the mid-1980s and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. The establishment of the ELC also provides a vehicle to consider other opportunities where, we, as a group, may support the transformation of our industry including to facilitate broader co-operation between IOGP Standing Committees with respect to engineering issues, opportunities and initiatives beyond standards and specifications development.

Objectives and plans

The objective of the ELC is to provide a forum for engineering leaders from Operator Companies to collaborate and lead strategies that drive the engineering agenda across the industry and promote efficiency, consistency, and collaboration, with particular emphasis on standardisation.

The ELC reports to the Management Committee and operates in an advisory capacity to the Management Committee as well as to the engineering-related standing committees and Joint Industry Programmes, such as the Standards, Geomatics, Subsea, and Decommissioning Committees.

Structure and contacts

Distinct from the 14 Standing Committees, the Engineering Leadership Council (ELC) was set up in 2017 to advise the Management Committee.

Chair: Graham Henley, Shell
Vice Chairs: Aleida Rios, bp; Eric Sirgo, Chevron

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