EGM 2019 – Coming together where oil & gas are in greatest demand

This year’s EGM took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s vibrant capital and a prime example of how oil and gas have helped to transform the Asia Pacific region into an industrial and financial powerhouse.

Asia Pacific consumes 36% of the world’s oil. Demand in China alone is almost at parity with the whole of Europe. In fact, the Asia Pacific region consumes 1.5 times the volume of oil as North America and its appetite for gas is similarly keen.

The EGM approved the Association’s 2020 Business Plan, ran poster sessions covering the work of IOGP’s Standing Committees and held panel discussions; on communications and outreach and on how IOGP can best serve Member Companies in a lower emissions future.

A welcome reception was held on the evening of 19 November and our Host Company, PETRONAS, went to enormous efforts to ensure a stimulating and enjoyable few days. Highlights include a cultural performance in the splendour of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert hall and a special dinner at the Malaysian Petroleum Club.