Response to demonstrations at company premises (Restricted to IOGP Members)

IOGP Report 308R

Improve the management of onshore protests or demonstrations aimed at business disruption

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This document is restricted to IOGP Members only. For access to this report, please visit the IOGP Members’ Area.

This document has been prepared to give advice and guidance on how to plan for and manage incidents involving the unlawful incursion to company premises or other such actions by demonstrators. In recent times, such incidents have mainly involved environmental activists, having taken place at office, industrial, and retail sites. It is not possible to cater for every possible scenario, but this guideline is designed to assist with the development of an action plan that can be adapted to suit local site requirements, taking into account the threat of disruption to business operations. Such plans should priortise the personal safety of all involved, the protection of the environment, the prevention or minimisation of damage and disruption to business operations, and the preservation of the company’s reputation.

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