P7/17 Wellbore Positioning Data Exchange Format (and User Guide)

IOGP Report 483-7 & 483-7u

The P7/17 format for the exchange of wellbore positioning data is recommended by IOGP for general use in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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This Report contains two files: 483-7, the format definition document, and 483-7u, a user guide intended for those who want to understand the format’s capabilities, including application developers.

The P7/17 format for the reporting, storage and exchange of wellbore positional data is recommended by IOGP for general use in the oil and gas industry. It supersedes the earlier UKOOA P7/2000 format. The format update was developed in response to a need to extend the functionality of the older P7/2000 format, particularly to enable storing raw sensor measurement data, tool error models, and address uncertainties. Additionally, the P7/17 format removes rigid constraints on data formatting and unit definitions and utilizes the structured geodetic referencing of the IOGP EPSG Dataset by using the same method as the other IOGP P-formats (P1, P2, and P6).

The format’s main objective remains to provide a standardised way to permanently store final positional wellbore data in a file to report to Regulators and exchange between operators and subsurface applications. It is not intended as protocol for real-time operational use.

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