OMS in practice. A supplement to Report No. 510, Operating Management System Framework


IOGP Report 511

A supplement to IOGP’s ‘Operating Management System Framework’

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IOGP Report 511

A supplement to IOGP’s ‘Operating Management System Framework’

The new OGP–IPIECA Report No. 510, Operating Management System Framework provides an integrated and consistent approach to help companies define and achieve performance goals and stakeholder benefits, while managing the significant risks inherent to the oil and gas industry. The Framework is supported by this supplement, Report No. 511, OMS in practice. It provides guidance on how to establish and sustain an OMS. It also provides many examples of industry specific processes and practices. It is a separate publication from the OMS Framework, so it can be updated to reference the latest OGP and IPIECA good practice publications and to provide links to other relevant publications. This supplement is in three sections: 1. Getting started. How to use the guidance for companies yet to establish an OMS and for those with existing systems under review as part of continuous improvement. 2. Processes and practices. The oil and gas industry has a range of standards, processes, practices, rules, methods, guides, tools, procedures and work instructions that aim to reduce and control its risks. They are referred to collectively as “processes and practices”. This section offers examples of these, called P1 to P10. 3. Sustaining and improving the system. This section offers examples of measures, called M1 to M10, to assess the successful implementation, improvement and effectiveness of an OMS.

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