IOGP Report 632R – Offshore oil and gas pipeline decommissioning briefing (Restricted to IOGP Members)

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This document is restricted to IOGP Members only and cannot be distributed to the public in whole or in part. Users are obliged to inform any subsequent users of this restriction. For access to this report, please visit the IOGP Members’ Area.


This document, developed for the benefit of the IOGP Members, presents a high level overview of global trends in offshore oil and gas pipeline decommissioning. Further, it provides guidance on:

• Frequently adopted evaluation processes to arrive at selected pipeline system
decommissioning solutions
• The range of potential decommissioning solutions
• Methods and technologies available to execute these solutions

The document endeavours to address the range of pipeline decommissioning issues and provide discussion on implantation and its associated challenges. The report does not address offshore oil and gas installations or large subsea structures. Global and regional standards already give clear guidance for decommissioning of installations and there is a
growing trend for national regulations/guidance to consider large subsea structures as installations.