Common Industry Technical Specification for the Calibration & Verification of USBL Positioning Systems

IOGP Report 624-01

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Operational standardisation and simplification have been identified as major opportunities for the oil and gas industry to reduce inefficiency, complexity, and excess costs. This is especially true with regular lengthy recalibrations of USBL systems when often they can be simply and quickly verified as fit for purpose.

The intended philosophy of this document is such that if a USBL system fails the system verification, a USBL calibration shall be conducted. This IOGP specification is intended to leverage these opportunities and utilise the collective industry experience of the IOGP community, Suppliers, and other industry stakeholders to develop ‘a fit for purpose’ shared common industry specification. This specification is intended to be applied globally.

It is assumed the reader is fully familiar with Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) acoustic positioning systems. For the purpose of this document the term USBL is used throughout but is interchangeable with both Super Short or Ultra Short Baseline (SSBL or USBL) terms.

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