IOGP Report 592 – Subsea Capping Response Time Model Toolkit User Guide


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This report provides release notes for how to use the Response Time Model (RTM) Toolkit for subsea capping. The RTM Toolkit consists of two parts: (1) this report and (2) the accompanying RTM schedule, available in three formats. The RTM Toolkit was developed to be used by an Operator to predict an estimated response timeline for capping a subsea well blowout.

This report explains the industry’s justification for creating a generic RTM that can be used by any operator in any world region, describe the basic operations that the RTM represents, and provide guidance notes and instructions for how to use the RTM schedule.

The RTM Toolkit considers the activities identified in IOGP Report 594 – Source Control Emergency Response Planning Guide for Subsea Wells and provides the known details of a typical source control incident response. It is intended to provide a base line response plan that can be used by Industry to support Source Control Emergency Response Planning (SCERP) activities. Several factors influence an emergency response timeline, and this report and the RTM do not attempt to justify or provide guidance towards adequate time assumptions. The RTM simply lists the activities and tasks associated with a capping stack installation effort that should be evaluated when attempting to estimate an overall response timeline.