IOGP Report 473 – Guideline on the principles for discharging “Duty of Care” in insecure environments (Restricted to IOGP Members)

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This document is restricted to IOGP Members only. For access to this report, please visit the IOGP Members’ Area.

Companies operating in areas that are, or may become, insecure can find themselves exposed to unwelcome and often unjustified attacks on their probity and reputation as a result of violent incidents or confrontations. In addition, all reputable organisations involved in the oil and gas industry share a desire to operate safely and ethically. A company’s recognition of its Duty of Care and demonstration that it takes its responsibilities seriously and with due consideration can go a long way towards mitigating subsequent risks, and towards ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of its people.

In order to minimise risk and promote a culture of safety and security, the following principles and guidelines are proposed to help IOGP members meet their Duty of Care towards employees, contractors, security personnel and communities when operating in insecure environments. This paper sets out some principles and guidelines, based on accepted best practice, for security practitioners in the oil and gas industry.