IOGP Report 365-19 – Land transportation safety recommended practice – journey management


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Vehicle accidents have historically represented a significant portion of injuries and fatalities reported by IOGP Member Companies. Journey management is a process used by organisations to ensure the safety of their travelling workforce prior to, during, and after travel. This Report, 365-19 – Land transportation safety recommended practice – journey management, a part of IOGP’s Land Transportation Recommended Practice series, adds to IOGP’s existing guidance on safe land transportation by offering readers a framework for a systematic approach to developing a Journey management process in their organisations. Implementing such a process can provide an organisation with the means to minimise the exposure of its workforce to the hazards encountered while driving. This includes having a risk assessment and management process, mandating careful trip planning, vehicle safety guidelines, and advice on mitigating driver fatigue. This Report is accompanied by a appendix containing several example checklists that can help identify and control common land transportation hazards and risks.

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