IOGP Report 2018p – Safety performance indicators – Process safety events – 2018 data


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2018p – Process safety events – 2018 data is a further step towards making Process Safety Event (PSE) data and associated KPIs available to stakeholders. PSE data presented in this report are based on voluntary submissions from participating IOGP member companies and are not necessarily representative of the entire upstream oil and gas industry. Since the collation and reporting of these data is still relatively new, the data should be treated with caution if used to identify themes and trends.

The collection of PSE data has progressed, with the number of companies reporting increasing from 26 in 2011 to 42 in 2018.

In this report, 2018 data are published together with 2011–2017 data. A summary of 2011–2018 data can be found in Appendix A.