Fabrication site construction safety recommended practice

IOGP Report 577

Fabrication site construction safety recommended practice – IOGP Report 577

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IOGP Fabrication site construction safety recommended practice

Safety performance for contracted work performed at fabrication sites continues to
be a challenge in the oil and gas industry. While IOGP’s data shows that injuries and
fatalities have reduced significantly over time, they are still too common. The longterm
repercussions from these incidents can be felt by the injured parties as well as
their families for many years to come.

Fabrication site construction contractors are expected to comply with differing, and
sometimes conflicting, requirements from oil and gas companies. This leads to
workforce uncertainty and change, which have the potential to result in higher risk
work environments. The consistent demand for work in fabrication sites from the oil
and gas industry will continue to expose sites to these risks.

A Task Force comprised of IOGP Members was established to recommend
standardized minimum global safety requirements for these sites, and to help drive
global improvements in contractor and subcontractor safety performance. The
result was the publication of IOGP Report 577 Fabrication site construction safety
recommended practice – Hazardous activities for activities carried out in fabrication
sites in which the contractor’s HSE management system is followed.

In addition, IOGP Report 597 Fabrication site construction safety recommended
practice – Enabling activities was published to complement and support the
implementation of IOGP 577.

To assist with implementation, a Resource Library is available on the IOGP website
to support successful implementation of IOGP 577 and IOGP 597 and provides
optional references, example practices, and tools. The Resource Library is optional
as the need for additional support varies country by country, company by company,
and site by site.

With ownership and implementation by IOGP Members, EPCM companies, and
fabrication contractors, the combination of IOGP 577 and IOGP 597 and the
Resource Library provide a standardized set of requirements and expectations
across fabrication sites resulting in cost savings, simplified processes, and most
importantly: a safer work environment!

These reports have been developed for application to IOGP Members’ and
contractors’ fabrication sites. The practices and activities provided may also be
applicable to construction activities in general, including those at IOGP Members
owned sites. Hence, IOGP encourages the applicability of reports 577 and 597 to all
IOGP Member construction activities.

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