Human Factors Engineering in Projects

IOGP Report 454

Learn how to apply Human Factors Engineering in oil and gas projects

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Human Factors Engineering (HFE) focuses on the application of human factors knowledge to the design and construction of socio-technical systems. The objective is to ensure systems are designed in a way that optimises the human contribution to production, and minimises potential for design-induced risks to health, personal or process safety or environmental performance. This publication adopts a practical, cost-effective and balanced approach to applying HFE on projects. The publication was jointly developed by the Energy Institute (EI) and International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), and supersedes the first edition of IOGP 454 – Human factors engineering in projects.

This publication has been updated primarily with the intention to ensure the guidance is applicable to both large-scale and smaller-scale projects, and to provide additional guidance and examples to help operators carry out HFE.

The guidance in this publication is primarily intended for:
−− non-human factors specialists, but can act as a high-level reference source for human factors (HF) specialists to encourage a consistent approach to the integration and application of HFE;
−− project managers, safety and technical leads and senior engineers within organisations who are responsible for planning and managing engineering projects and project activities, and
−− personnel employed by facility operators, front end engineering design (FEED) and engineering procurement and construction (EPC) design contractors, equipment vendors and other engineering contractors.

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